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Dated: May 12 2020

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There is a new contender in the Social Media Realm we believe will match the likes of the biggest platforms. Think of LinkedIn, think of Facebook in a hybrid social media 2.0. So, there's a site I frequented, Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a community of bloggers helping each other out and at the same time kind of building a referral business through it. WebTalk has that along with the best professional features from LinkedIn, the personal feel from Facebook the image display capabilities of Instagram, the syndication capacity of Hootsuite and/of Buffer and a referral program so it's kind of like five different platforms all-in-one.


WebTalk boasts the same features you normally see with the mature platforms but in your newsfeed  will be able to upload different types of media such as pictures, images, audio, and the like but where it really makes a difference is its capability to filter your newsfeed.


There has been a lots of complaints over Facebook’s censorship. W ebtalk founder RJ Garbowics has been very public about his strong beliefs in anti-censorship. He wishes for full transparency and so he's giving back that control over to the user's by being able to filter the news they choose not to see. Whether it's professional/business related or personal related you're able to filter your feed in that way. Furthermore you are able to filter down local demographic such as City, radius, and gender.


It is completely free but it does have paid subscriptions that come with perks and additional features. The big difference is that unlike Facebook or the other social media platforms where  you get bombarded with ads, the creators of WebTalk addressed this with paid membership. With paid memberships you can get rid of the ads. There is no ad tracking so it really improves privacy settings. You will always have the free version but marketer will be able to target your feed based on your activity much like the other platforms.


The direction of the content quality is yet to be seen. It's too early to tell if it who this WebTalk is likely to attract but right now it's a little bit of everything. Users flock to Facebook to connect with friends and family. LinkedIn the the place to do business and Twitter has all the gossip so I'm still waiting to see if it's going to be spammy or if it’s going to be quality content. I guess that's going to depend on the users and that's why it's super important to attract quality contributors on there.


Another neat feature that makes WebTalk different and more of a hybrid is that not only is it a social media platform but it's also a bit of a Customer Relations Manager CRM platform build into it. You will be able to separate your personal acquaintances from your business colleagues. Additionally, WebTalk can be used as a syndication platform like HootSuite and Buffer. As of the time of this writing you are able to syndicate content to Facebook, Twitter, Linked, and Slack but here are plans to integrate Salesforce, Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. There are plans to integrate cloud based storage, as well. 

Unlike Facebook and Linkedin and even Snapchat, WebTalk is promising to share up to 50% of  their ad revenue with its users  everybody who's a Selzer add space and to keep all that ad Revenue just for their shareholders. Personally, I think this feature makes WebTalk the perfect platform to practice what GaryVee calls the thank-you economy because you no longer have to salesy or trying to get people to buy your product. Instead you can focus on the thank-you economy where you just provide helpful and valuable content knowing that WebTalk will reward you for sharing your best content.  

Start Earning for your referrrals at https://earn.webtalk.co/eddiepicasso


Some of the coming soon features to WebTalk a Marketplace or e-commerce Marketplace, job services, much like LinkedIn. 


I don’t know if WebTalk will be the next LinkedIn or the next Facebook. If it tanks it tanks but if it becomes the next trend it is a good idea to be well positioned to take advantage of the 10% revenue share up to five levels of separation. At the moment there's only 4 and half million users compared to the billions of users currently  on Facebook so the organic reach is just fantastic and it the perfect time to actually join.  


At the moment I have referred nine of my friends and family and they have referred three people. The calculator found in earn.webtalk.co/eddiepicasso calculated that I am currently positioned to earn $76 a month just for asking people to join my network.  I actually went enrolled in premium account as soon as I joined which is $200 a year so at $76 a month for 12 months that's a $912 return for $200 for the annual premium membership. I thought it was a no-brainer but who knows I may be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time or the last time. 


WebTalk claims that the first 1 million members that Go Pro or enroll in a premium account  so will secure the 5 level of separation for the 10% commission. The very first thing you want to do when you join is to complete your profile 100% so you're qualified for the 10% commission revenue share. 


One of the things that doesn't get much attention is WebTalk’s promise not only to pay back its users but to also donate 10% of all profits to Charities. As a Tony Robbins fan and his 6 human needs psychology I strongly believe in the need for growth and contribution so I think this is this is phenomenal. It is one of the highlights that I think should be emphasized a little bit more. WebTalk claims their purpose is to help create a better quality of life through Innovative Technologies.


Again, I don’t know if WebTalk will sink or swim but If it sinks, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the other platforms will always be there and I will have learned so much more from the experience and social media strategy. I will leave WebTalk knowing what worked, what didn't work and what could have been done better. And, if it skyrockets I sure as heck will be glad I took advantage of catching the wave in Beta testing.

WebTalk is by invitiation only while in Beta Testing to join click here: https://join.webtalk.co/eddiepicasso


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